Manager Mayhem – The Top 5 Manager Mistakes that Spark Lawsuits and How to Correct Them
Date: Sep 22, 2020 Beginning at 2:40 PM
Session Duration
1 Hour and 15 Minutes

Learning Objective
- The vital role management plays in causing or avoiding legal trouble

- The basic HR laws every manager should know

- Practical measures to help managers manage legally.

Session Description
Behind every employment claim is a manager or supervisor who did or did not do something – right or wrong. More often than not that “something” significantly impacts the outcome of the claim. Educating managers and supervisors about the impact of their actions or inaction is invaluable to protecting against, or defending, an employment claim.

Session Speaker

Julie Young


More About Julie Young

Julie M. Young is a forward-thinking, personable and practical attorney with over 20 years of experience helping employers learn, understand and comply with federal and state HR laws. With a primary focus on compliance – proactively avoiding HR-related problems -- Julie provides practical guidance to business owners and HR professionals in nearly every aspect of their employment relationships.