Active Shooter Training
Date: Sep 22, 2020 Beginning at 4:10 PM
Session Duration
1 Hour and 15 Minutes

Learning Objective
- Identify the signs of workplace violence

- Minimize the potential of an active shooter incident

- Proper response to workplace violence/threatening behavior

Session Description
This presentation will review the indicators of a potential workplace violence threat. We will review data that addresses minimizing those threats and the proper response should those threats escalate to an individual acting out in a violent manner. The presentation will review prior active shooter incidents and responses. It will also provide factual data supporting the training material on how to respond to an active shooter incident.

All employees take part in the security of their workplace. This session speaks to understanding the responsibilities and educating associates from all levels within the organization to help identify warning signs and provide information needed to foster a safe work environment. Collaboration extends to all areas of organizational success, especially the safety and security of the people who represent each company.

Session Speaker

Michael Peterson

The Orsus Group

More About Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson has nearly three decades of experience in security consulting, Human Resource, and investigative services, including 14 years in the public sector. Mr. Peterson's expertise is in fraud and theft investigations, compliance, security operations, and executive protection. Prior to joining the private sector, he broadened his human behavior acumen through his experience as a court investigator, intensive probation supervisor and law enforcement officer serving in both vice and criminal intelligence.

He collaborates globally with Human Resource professionals in numerous industries providing development training related to interviewing, harassment investigations, ethics, sexual harassment/assaults and code of conduct procedures. Participant testimonials describe his sessions as "powerful, forward thinking, and dynamic."

In addition to his FBI certification as a hostage negotiator, Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Youngstown State University, and graduate honors from the Wharton Business School Executive Leadership Program.