Inclusive by Design: Disrupting Gender and Racial Bias in the Workplace
Date: Sep 23, 2020 Beginning at 10:25 AM
Session Duration
1 Hour and 15 Minutes

Learning Objective
- Explore common assumptions that can unintentionally require women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups to adapt in ways majority groups don’t have to

- Gain actionable insights and tools to promote gender and racial equity with a focus on redesigning the workplace, not your people

- Learn how to recognize and interrupt bias in operational systems

Session Description
We are living in extraordinary times. As our nation faces a reckoning with systemic racism, the coronavirus pandemic is disproportionately impacting women and exacerbating gender inequalities. Organizations have been forced to change, adapt, and reevaluate their ways of doing things. It is time to reimagine the workplace. This interactive session will explore the ways in which bias is often unintentionally built into our operational systems, including our hiring practices, employee benefits, performance evaluations, compensation, and more. With examples of emerging research-based best practices, HR changemakers will be provided with simple strategies to disrupt bias and promote a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Session Speaker

Nicole Armstrong

Queen City Certified

More About Nicole Armstrong

Nicole founded Queen City Certified, the first employer certification and leadership program for gender equity in the US workplace, as a 2018 People’s Liberty Haile Fellow. In 2019, Queen City Certified received a CLIMB Award for Advancing Gender Equity from the Cincinnati Business Courier and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.

Nicole gives visionary leaders the tools to redesign organizational policies, foster inclusive cultures, and disrupt biases so that they can attract and retain best-in-class talent.

For over a decade, Nicole developed and implemented design and brand strategy for mission-driven organizations around the globe. Prior to founding Queen City Certified, she co-created innovative approaches to social challenges alongside marginalized communities as a Social Innovation Specialist in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Nicole holds a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Arts from Suffolk University.