To Exempt or Not Exempt – That is the Question
Date: Sep 23, 2020 Beginning at 2:50 PM
Session Duration
1 hour and 15 minutes

Session Description
Most employers mistakenly believe that they determine which employees are exempt or non-exempt. Worse yet, some employers assume all salaried employees are exempt and, thus, not entitled to overtime pay. Both of these falsities (and others) can result in devastating consequences for employers.

During this presentation with HR attorney Julie M. Young, you will learn that the law dictates the exempt or non-exempt status of employees and that law is complex. Julie will break down the complexities and provide practical and manageable steps for determining who is and is not exempt and why it matters that you get it right.

In this informative and engaging session, we will:

- Discuss the importance of correct classification and the crippling consequences of misclassifying non-exempt employees.

- Break down the “white collar” exemptions in detail and examine the common mistakes employers make in classifying their employees.

- Identify ways to “self-audit” your exempt/non-exempt classifications and correct problems.

- Have some fun doing all of this!

Session Speaker

Julie Young


More About Julie Young

Julie M. Young is a forward-thinking, personable and practical attorney with over 20 years of experience helping employers learn, understand and comply with federal and state HR laws. With a primary focus on compliance – proactively avoiding HR-related problems -- Julie provides practical guidance to business owners and HR professionals in nearly every aspect of their employment relationships.