Courage In The Storm
Date: Sep 24, 2020 Beginning at 11:15 AM
Session Duration
1 Hour and 15 Minutes

Learning Objective
1. How to overcome obstacles and be your own voice;

2. How to reestablish yourself in society (both personally and professionally after a devastating loss); and,

3. How HR professionals can be advocates for those that may be differently abled due to accident or birth defect.

Session Description
Since the tornado that took both of her legs, Stephanie Decker had to rethink and rebuild her life as she knew it. Using her own story, Stephanie helps an audience find their inner hero as well as recognize the everyday heroes all around us. She provides the inspirational message to help attendees develop a “can do” attitude to face their own challenges.

Session Speaker

More About Stephanie Decker

Stephanie Decker's life was changed forever when a category 4 tornado ripped through her town of Henryville, Indiana in 2012. As she sought shelter in the basement with her 8-year-old son and 5 year-old daughter, the foundation of her house began crumbling—and she threw herself in front of falling debris to save her children from a particularly violent crash. Her choice cracked her ribs, punctured a lung and left her as a double amputee.

Stephanie Decker has become a true symbol of survival and overcoming adversity. She has used her story to bring awareness to the Stephanie Decker Foundation.

To date, the foundation has raised more than $80,000 to support children with prosthetic limbs in their athletic pursuits. Inspired by her own lifelong involvement in sports, the charity sends amputees to a sports camp, where they re-learn how to play football and soccer, run track and more.

Since the accident, Stephanie has been featured on: The Today Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, ABC World News Tonight as "Person of the Week", USA Today, and People Magazine. She was featured in Successful Meetings Magazine's list of "Most Reliable Keynote Speakers who surpass expectations". She has also been recognized as a L'Oreal's 2014 "Women of Worth" Honoree.